Note: I am actively working on this website and there is a ton more to get done. I'm currently doing something IRL that's taking up a lot of time. But I will try to sneak in updates and devote more time once that's complete

8/23/2019 - Added Death & Rebirth sleeveless Rei cel and an additional Asuka getting chokes at the end of EoE cel
8/18/2019 - Added the Misato from EoE pan cel and an additional Asuka getting choked at the end of EoE cel
8/18/2019 - Finished migrating the website from Hostgator to AWS. 20 additional Naruto genga sets as well as the other-cels section have been added
8/5/2019 - Added Misato's arm for her OP cel, Unit 02's head copy for the first Unit 02's guts cel, and a new Unit 02's guts cel and head copy
7/31/2019 - Added 2 Rei cels from EoE (the naked ones)
7/26/2019 - Added Shinji from episode 2 and Misato+Shinji from epispde 16
7/15/2019 - Added Misato from episode 4 and Unit 01 from EoE right before it eats Gendo
7/8/2019 - Added bikini Asuka+shinji episode 10, Misato and 3 mouth layers from episode 15, Unit 01 from EoE right after Shinji's scream
7/6/2019 - Added Rei Ep6
7/1/2019 - Added Misato from the OP
6/23/2019 - Added Jaraiya Naruto set
6/23/2019 - Added Hinata Naruto set
6/22/2019 - Changed the homepage and added future spots for new pages
6/22/2019 - Added 3 Eva cels (Shinji+PenPen Ep10, Unit 02+Sandalphon Ep10, Unit 02 guts EoE)
6/6/2019 - fixed Kakashi gif
6/5/2019 - Added some more Naruto gifs
6/2/2019 - Added Naruto section
5/26/2019 - initial website launch