Evangelion Unit 00 Opening Cel

Source: Opening
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Cel Number: A8
Cut Number: 51 (labeled from the OP), 334 (unlabeled from episode 14 first half), 74 (unlabeled from episode 14 second half)

Scenario: From the opening as Unit 00 looks up

Note 1: Unfortunately there's a special effects layer that I am missing

Note 2: This same sequence is actually used during the recap part of episode 14 right after it says "EVA UNIT-00 RESTORED FROM DAMAGE AND MODIFICATION WORK COMPLETE". If you check the storyboard you can see that the use in episode 14 has a totally different cut number (334 vs 51) and that they wrote "OP BANK" where this is supposed to be placed - meaning reuse the one from the opening

Note 3: This sequence was used a third time in the second half of episode 14 right as the connection between Shinji and Unit 00 is being established. Gainax really loved to reuse this one