Evangelion Misato Episode 4 Cel

Source: Episode 4
Layers: 3
Sketch: Yes
Cel Number: A2End Kabuse, A2E, B1
Cut Number: 15, 18

Scenario: After the battle with Shamshel, Misato wakes up on a rainy day and goes to checkup on Shinji in her PJ's. When she opens the door, she finds his NERV ID card and a letter

Note 1: I'm not sure what the layer breakdown is. I know the back layer is her hair and the front layer is a correction to the reflection on her lip but everything is taped together and there's some stickage so I guess we'll never know

Note 2: This is the only cel I own where the kabuse cel is labeled... just found that interesting

Evangelion Misato Episode 4 Douga

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