Evangelion Misato Episode 13 Cel

Source: Episode 13, Episode 20, Episode 24 Original Air Only (Twice)
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Cel Number: A3
Cut Number: Cut Number: 155 (not labeled, episode 13), 189 (labeled, episode 20), 233 and 238 (not labeled, episode 24 original air only)

Scenario: This is a "Misato is focused" frame that gets reused a bunch of times.

Note 1: I actually own this exact A3 frame from the director's cut too! Make sure to check it out (listed under episode 24)

Note 2: This frame gets reused... a lot. It might even be in other episodes. I'll have to take a look. There's a bunch of these action sequence frames that get reused over and over. The two uses in episode 24 are from the original air only.

Note 3: I haven't figured out why, but the storyboard for episodes 13 and 14 are labeled in reverse. I don't really know Japanese well enough to read through the notes to see if it explains why. Episode 14 in the 3rd storyboard book is actually 13. And the storyboard for episode 13 is actually the first half of episode 14. If anyone knows why this is, please let me know!