Evangelion Asuka and Shinji Episode 10 Cel

Source: Episode 10
Layers: 3
Sketch: None
Cel Number: A11 (Shinji), B4 (Shinji's mouth), C5 (Asuka)
Cut Number: 59 (not labeled)

Scenario: Asuka and Shinji are hanging out at the pool. Asuka comes over to flirt with Shinji while he's trying to do homework. On the topic of heat expansion, she asks Shinji if warming up her chest would make it grow bigger - causing Shinji to get flustered. Adorable!

Note: The Shinji and Asuka cels are from the same sequence but different shot (couple frames off). For some reason I like it a lot better - Shinji's embarrassed face looks great with what Asuka is saying and doing in this one

Evangelion Asuka Episode 10 Cel Layer

Asuka layer

Evangelion Shinji Episode 10 Cel Combined Layer

Shinji combined layer

Evangelion Shinji Episode 10 Cel Body Layer

Shinji layer

Evangelion Shinji Episode 10 Mouth Layer

Shinji mouth layer layer