Evangelion Unit 02 End of Evangelion Cel

Source: End of Evangelion
Layers: 2
Sketch: None
Cel Number: B6 (Unit 02's body), A1 (head copy)
Cut Number: 560 (not labeled)

Scenario: NERV HQ crew looking on; Mass Produced Eva's closing in; Lance of Longinus through Unit 02's head; Asuka screaming bleeding out her eye. A mortifying scene where a flock of MPE's pick apart Unit 02's intestines

Note: The head layer is a copy. I used the same head layer for both of the Unit 02 guts cels (I only have one)

Evangelion Unit 02 Body Layer

Unit 02 getting picked apart

Evangelion Unit 02 Body Layer

Unit 02's head impaled by a replica Spear of Longinus