Evangelion Rei End of Evangelion Cel

Source: End of Evangelion
Layers: 3
Sketch: None
Cel Number: C4 (top hair layer), not sure about the other two
Cut Number: 393

Scenario: This is RIGHT after the 3rd Impact has completed. Here Rei and Shinji's bodies are fused, with Rei on top, in the sea of LCL. She's explaining that this is the solitary world without pain where everyone is united as one

Note 1: Unfortunately the back layer is stuck to the second layer and I don't want to separate them. The second layer is her face and the third layer is just the hair that's appears behind her face (below the nose and mouth)

Note 2: All three cels are from different frames within this same sequence. It's absolutely gorgeous and really cool to see that they painted her eyes underneath all that hair

Evangelion Rei End of Evangelion Face Cel

Rei's face layer

Evangelion Rei End of Evangelion Hair Cel

Hair layer