Evangelion Maya and Aoba End of Evangelion Cel

Source: Episode 15
Layers: 4 (two effect cels stuck)
Sketch: None
Cel Number: A14E (Maya), D9E (dust), E8E (Aoba)
Cut Number: 238A

Scenario: The invasion of NERV has started! As the JSSDF starts to advance, the NERV staff start to hunker down, and Aoba hands Maya a gun and tells her to release the safety. Maya says she can't shoot people and a bullet whizzes by the pair

Evangelion Maya End of Evangelion Cel

Maya layer

Evangelion Aoba End of Evangelion Cel

Aoba layer

Evangelion Effects End of Evangelion Cel

Dust layers. Hard to see because of the scan, but during this scene a bullet whizzes by them, and the ricochet creates some dust. See the top picture and compare around Aoba's hair to the layer above to see it