Evangelion Rei Death & Rebirth Cel

Source: Death & Rebirth
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Cel Number: C5
Cut Number: 95 (not labeled)

Scenario: NERV is under attack by Sachiel. Shinji is brought in to pilot Unit 01 and refuses. Rei is wheeled out in bandages - and after the angel's attack rattles the building, Rei falls to the floor. This is a pan shot of her in agony on the floor

Note 1: This is from one of the extra shots that was added exclusively for Death & Rebirth. It's also tied for my favorite with my Asuka getting choked set

Note 2: This is a gigantic pan cel. In fact, it's the largest one I own, coming in at a whopping 18" x 14". The picture does not do it justice

Groundwork of Evangelion The Movie 1

Evangelion Rei Death & Rebirth Genga